Date: November 2019

1. Your baby’s brain needs it! Vitamin D is no ordinary vitamin. Research shows that it plays a critical role in building and helping those brain cells function. It supports the region of the brain called the Hippocampus, which is directly responsible for your little ones’ learning, behavior and

RECIPE YIELDS ONE 8½” LOAF This fragrant loaf is wintery and holiday-esque without being loaded with sugar, making it a great choice to bake with the kids. A toddler wielding a wooden spoon is beyond cute, and they’ll be over the moon to be your little helper! Eat it as a cake with your afterno

Serves 4-6 Baked or fried, both versions of these fun fritters are delicious, and of course nutritious. With their yummy warm flavor profile they are the perfect cold weather snack you can feel good about. Ingredients 1 pouch Cerebelly Carrot Chickpea 15oz can chickpeas, strained 1 medium carrot, gr

Serves 4-6 These flavorful and ridiculously easy quesadillas go the extra mile by sneaking in a healthy dose of iron, folate, iodine and zinc for the whole family. Keep these small so that the kids can easily snack on them—no utensils required! Ingredients 1 pouch Black Bean Sweet Potato ¼ tsp gr

Serves 4-6 Make your traditional holiday casserole work a little harder and be a smarter choice than mashed potatoes. Serve it as one large dish or make it kid friendly and fun by using 8 ramekins. Traditional french gratin calls for a whole lot of cheese (yummy but not so light!) while other Europe