5 Things to Know About Vitamin D.

1. Your baby’s brain needs it!

Vitamin D is no ordinary vitamin. Research shows that it plays a critical role in building and helping those brain cells function. It supports the region of the brain called the Hippocampus, which is directly responsible for your little ones’ learning, behavior and memory. It also works hard to protect the brain cells from degenerating. (1)

2. Their bones and immune system need it too!

Vitamin D works with calcium and phosphorus to build strong bones. With a little one on the move and fearlessly climbing on everything, having strong bones is a good way to help prevent bone fractures. Vitamin D also helps to support a strong immune system. Emerging evidence has shown the important role this vitamin plays in helping the body fight infections and inflammation.(2) With sniffle season around the corner, it’s extra important to stay strong and healthy!

3. Sunshine makes Vitamin D!

We all make an effort to keep our babies (and ourselves!) out of the sun to protect us from those harmful rays. BUT, sun avoidance prevents us from making enough vitamin D in our skin. Which is why it is extra important to ensure everyone gets their Vitamin D from food and supplements daily!


4. Babies don’t get enough from breast milk alone!

Breast milk is absolutely liquid gold, but one thing it doesn’t have enough of is vitamin D. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies who are exclusively or partially breastfed should take a vitamin D supplement to prevent deficiency.


5. It’s hard to find in foods!

We can get all kinds of nutrients and vitamins from our food, but vitamin D is one that is a little more elusive. The best dietary sources of vitamin D are fatty fish (salmon, tuna), egg yolk and mushrooms (3). Some fortified foods also contain vitamin D, such as cow’s milk, some plant based milk and margarine. This is why we have made sure that each Cerebelly pouch contains a meaningful amount of vitamin D, giving you an easy way to get more of this super nutrient daily.