5 Things to Know About Zinc.

1. Immune system and skin!

Your little ones need a healthy dose of zinc daily to have a strong immune system and healthy skin. So for all the bumps and bruises that a baby endures, (especially when they are learning to crawl and walk), we want their skin to heal as quickly as possible. Zinc is hard at work repairing the skin cells and making new ones.

2. Brain Development!

This is definitely one of our favorite things to talk about, and zinc is one of the key nutrients that supports a rapidly developing brain. It’s also why we made sure our Cerebelly pouches provide meaningful amounts of it. Zinc helps the brain cells communicate with one another, and is also a vital part of your little one’s development of taste and smell. Here’s to enjoying each one of our yummy flavors!

3. It’s not just the brain that needs it!

Zinc is important for overall growth and development – and because our kids grow super fast, this means that the cells all over their body are constantly growing (and dividing!) too. Zinc helps them keep up – even a mild deficiency of zinc can have an impact on their growth. Low levels of zinc can lead to a poor appetite, which can also affect growth. Let’s keep our kiddos growing with plenty of zinc!

4. Calling all vegetarians!

If you and your little one embrace a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, zinc is even more important as you are at a higher risk of deficiency. Vegetarians can require as much as 50% more zinc because certain acids in plant foods can bind to the available zinc and in turn interfere with its absorption. A quick hack for home: soak beans or seeds in water overnight to increase the bioavailability of zinc!

5. Eat your Zinc!

Zinc is one of the nutrients that our body can’t make or store. It’s why eating your zinc from whole foods and vegetables is so important – and why we make it a must-have ingredient in all our pouches. Breast milk provides an adequate amount of zinc until about 6 months of age – so after that, make sure you offer foods rich in this amazing nutrient, such as egg yolks, beans, spinach, pumpkin seeds*, wheat germ and chicken. Zinc for the win!


*Whole pumpkin seeds are a choking hazard for kids under the age of 4. Consider putting seeds in a high powered blender, then adding the powder to food.