Cerebelly re-imagined baby food that tastes amazing AND that is packed with meaningful amounts of nutrients that science shows babies’ growing brains need. But don’t take our word for it. ‘Flip Your Food’ and see how our nutrition stacks up.

At Cerebelly we think parents should use nutrition levels to decide what to feed their kids, so we list all the nutrients our foods contain. Other brands may not do that (so a blank square above may be a 0% or it may be “undisclosed”), but if they have it, we think they should list their actual nutrition!

1. Founded by a neurosurgeon & developmental neurobiologist mom-of-three

Our story began after neurosurgeon mom of three, Dr. Teresa Purzner, realized she could not find the kind of nutrition her children needed in the baby food aisle. While many pouches boasted “organic” and “all-natural”, they also were fruit-first, full of added sugars, heavy metals and lacking in the crucial nutrients developing brains need most.

2. Veggie-first recipes

While much of the nutrition available to children may seem healthy, behind those colorful pouches and packaging lies a bittersweet secret. Their fruit-first formulas are high in sugar, low in fiber and lacking in overall nutrient density. While fruit is a healthy and important part of our kid’s diet, the nutritional benefits come from the fiber and vitamin/mineral content, which is hard to find in commercial fruit-based purees.

Cerebelly pouches and bars are made with veggie-first recipes, so the focus of every meal for your little one is on the nutrition first. Fruit is blended in to sweeten our veggie formulas (plus, add extra nutrients) to make food that’s not only good for them, but they will actually enjoy!

3. Only the safest, highest-quality ingredients

With all of the recent news surrounding heavy metals, we know how important it is to you to feel you can trust the food you give to your little one. Luckily, Cerebelly’s safety standards have always been (and remain to be) of the utmost importance. From sourcing suppliers and farmers to production and beyond, we take extra precaution to ensure our food is the best quality and safest it can be before it enters your home. 

Clean Label Project®-certified safe for heavy metals

Only the very best products in any given category receive an award from the Clean Label Project, and Cerebelly aced the test! In 2021, we became the first ever children’s food brand to receive the Clean Label Project® Purity Award — confirming our rank as safe & metal-free nutrition. Clean Label Project is a non-profit that tests for more than 400 harmful environmental and industrial contaminants to reveal the true contents of America’s best-selling consumer products. Their certification process also factors in good stuff like ingredient quality (which we’re total nerds about!) 

4. 8x the brain supporting nutrients

Unlike our competitors, who rely on claims like “organic” and “all-natural” to justify their nutritional value, our pouches and bars are formulated with brain development in mind. All Cerebelly purees contain the 16 key brain-supporting nutrients key to optimal brain and body development. That’s 8x that of the top-selling baby food brands. 

*Among the 7 top-selling baby food pouches listed on Amazon.com on 3/1/20, the average number of nutrients with 20% or more of baby’s Recommended Daily Values as declared on the Nutrition Fact Panel. Normalized per 113 grams. A blank square is undeclared.. We pulled nutrition facts from competitors’ product labels as declared on the brands’ websites as of 3/1/20. It’s important to note that the new FDA guidelines only require brands to list a few nutrients on their Nutrition Fact panels: Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium. The rest of the nutrients are optional to include and, therefore, most brands only include nutrients that their foods are high in.

5. Convenient, accessible & built with you in mind

At Cerebelly, we believe in accessible nutrition for all. So we created Cerebelly with you and your busy lifestyle in mind. Shop online and get our high-quality, organic food delivered straight to your door. You can even save 15% off on each order when you sign up for our 100% flexible Subscribe & Save program.

If you like to pick things up in store or add to your standing online orders at other retailers — don’t fret, you can find us there too! Cerebelly is distributed across thousands of grocery and other in-store retailers across the country, with more added all the time.

You can also find us where you shop online like Amazon, Target.com and goPuff!

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