Our Friends


Stacey Segal BScA, MSc, RD

Stacey is a pediatric dietitian and a mom of two little eaters. Her career has been dedicated to nourishing babies, toddlers and kids. She’s a staff dietitian at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, specializing in neuroscience. Stacey is also the founder of the Prenatal and Pediatric Nutrition Clinic at GSH Medical, and a nutrition writer for AboutKidsHealth website. Being a mom herself, she has experienced the challenges that come with feeding kids. She’s passionate about helping families raise well nourished kids right from the start!

Conz Preti

Conz Preti is an Argentine journalist and mom of three under 4. She’s worked in digital journalism for over a decade now, and her byline can be found in many of the popular websites millennials read regularly. She’s the author of “Too Pregnant To Move” and her weekly newsletter Modern Motherhood.